About ECU

Welcome to the area of ECU which will enable you to get more out of your Easy Content Units. We will be updating this area with news on the exciting developments we have in store for ECU along with plenty of examples, guides and other useful content for you.

Another area of this part of the site will be dedicated to those merchants/agencies/networks who would like to offer ‘managed units’ for their affiliates. These will have their own section of this site, so that the units are easy to find.

Useful Links:

Easy Content Units – home of the Easy Content Units

Getting Started – a quick guide to ECU and how to get started.

Merchants List – A list of all the merchants currently available to select products for ECU.

Showcase – take a look at how Easy Content Units are being used by other affiliates.

ECU WordPress Plugin – created by Keith Bond, here’s a plugin for WordPress which will help get our content units onto your blog.

ECU Twitter – Our page on Twitter which we use to announce all new developments the world of ECU

Here’s an example of a Video Content Unit being used for Price Comparison (see more examples of ECU on our demo page):