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by Jason on November 2, 2012

We have been really busy behind the scenes at ECU HQ over the past couple of months completing various housekeeping jobs which were in real need of doing. This resulted in a lockdown yesterday, so that we could roll these functions out to the live platform. This is mostly complete, we worked hard to make sure that everything worked after the upgrade, however if you do notice a bug, please let us know on a support ticket.

So what did we do?

Well the boring bit for you guys at least, is a complete rebuild of our entire platform. Since first releasing ECU we have added over 100 features/functions/requests which have all been ‘bolted on’ to the platform. By rebuilding from the ground up, we have been able to integrate all these, thus cleaning the code which has resulted in a much quicker, resource friendly platform.

This, we hope will provide stability and expansion to allow for new features and functions.

We have rolled out a few new features which we hope you will like:


An area which we have been lacking in is the stats area. Well, we have given this a make over, and included some useful information. You can now see at a glance your top 10 units by impression, by clicks and impression to click. All of these are clickable to drill down to daily totals. We have lots more planned for the stats area which will be rolled out shortly.

My Units Page

My Units page has had a make over too, with groups collapsible on load, making the page quicker, and easier to navigate. You can now also use the search function to search by unit ID number, making it easier to find a specific unit.


We have been beta testing a new vouchers and offers platform, which has been successful, so we have decided to open it up to the masses. It’s in public beta at the moment, and so is available to everyone, it will likely become a Pro feature when it exits beta (not this side of Christmas). We’re happy as always to take on your suggestions and recommendations and will try our best to accommodate. Send in requests via a support ticket please.

Coming soon

merchant reporting, API, unit display enhancements and more!

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