Google Affiliate Network added

by Jason on November 27, 2012

Google Affiliate NetworkWe have now added support for the Google Affiliate Network on ECU, and have added their merchants which have product feeds.

GAN Publisher ID locationOnce you have joined Google Affiliate Network, you will find your publisher ID in the top right hand corner of the affiliate platform. You need to insert this onto our My Details page (minus the K) in order for your links to track, and so that you can select products from their merchants. A handy feature, is that if you already have an Adsense account, then things are made simpler, all your commissions are paid to you via Adsense.

Merchants we’ve added to ECU:

Best Bathrooms
Toys R US
Crooked Tongues
Skechers UK
Perfume Click
Duracell Direct UK
Into the Blue
Hudson reed
Golf gear Direct
My Tool Shed

If there’s a demand, we’ll add this network to our US platform. If this would be of use, please let us know in a support ticket.

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