More Stats options for Pro Users

by Jason on June 23, 2009

We have now added functionality for Pro Users to capture the data each time a unit is clicked. This is an advanced feature for those with the technical know how. With this feature you can specify a ‘Callback URL’ to a script on your site which is called on each click, passing various parameters for you to record.

You can use the script to input the data into your database or indeed to stats packages such as Google Analytics.

Parameters you can call include:
[UNIT_ID] your unit id number
[UNIT_TITLE] your unit title
[TRACKING_ID] your units tracking code
[PRODUCT_TITLE] title of the clicked product
[PRODUCT_URL] the affiliate link url of the product
[CLICK_TIME] date and time of the click (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)

You can input your ‘Callback URL’ on the bottom of the My Details page, where we have also put some help to using it.

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