Random Units just became less Random

by Jason on July 24, 2009

Users of ECU will appreciate the power of the Random Units. They are simple to implement, simply choose the merchant, the number of products and a keyword (if you like) and then off to the styling page. They are a quick and easy way to show a selection of products from a single merchant, without having to worry about choosing products and worrying if they are to go out of stock, as the system only pulls a selection from the current datafeed – simple.

However they didn’t really offer the degree of choices for some merchants or the flexibility to choose a group of products from that merchant.

So we have built in some new filters for you. These work for the Brand and Category values of the merchants feed. Here’s a quick picture how to for the new features:
Create a new unit

From the home page, pop in your unit name, and select Random, hit continue.  If you are on the Create a Unit page, you’ll need to put in the unit name, and follow the next picture/instructions:
Here's the Random Unit page

Next up choose the merchant whose products you’d like to feature, for this example we’re picking Extreme Pie on Webgains:

Choose a merchant

Choose a merchant

Next up it’s time to choose a category – well we’re after Bawbags Boxers, so we’ll choose Mens and Clothing – you may have to have a play as not all merchants feeds are up to scratch with category (or brand info for that matter).

Finally we’ll choose the Brand:

Choose the Brand

Choose the Brand

The only thing left to do on this page is choose how many random products you’d like to show (we chose 9). Then it’s time to hit continue and go to the styling page, where you can add the styling you want as per usual (details here if you need them).

On the styling page you’ll see that there’s a new Random option on the Admin tab, where you can change any of the settings (as seen below):


Have fun with these new features, and as ever if you have any questions, please ask away below or via a support ticket.

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