New Pro Workaround: Add products from Independent Programs

by Jason on September 4, 2009

An affiliate requested the ability to add products from independent affiliate programs, when we took a look at the request, we thought, we’re nearly there with an existing feature, so we made a few tweaks and now you’re able to add products from merchants with an independent affiliate program.

A word of note though, this is a manual process and will require your input to update the product to keep it up to date. Plus you’ll need to request us to add the merchant into Easy Content Units – sending in a support ticket is the best way!

How to Get them into your Units:

Once you have created your unit, click on ‘Add Merchant’ button.

Scroll to the bottom of the page of merchants, and you’ll see the ‘Independents’ box

Tick the box next to the merchant you would like to include

Click on ‘Add Merchant to Unit’ button

On the following page you can specify the Product Title, Description, Price and Deeplink URL for the product

Click on Save, and that’s it – it’s now added to your unit.

Because of it’s very nature, this has to be done manually, and is available only to Affiliate Pro members.

If you are a merchant and would like to discuss getting your products into Easy Content Units, or making yourself available for your affiliates to add your products to their units, contact us.

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