How to Use ECU for Price Comparison

by Jason on October 19, 2009

One of the uses of Easy Content Units is to ‘power’ price comparison on your website. So you have already created a page full of unique content on a particular product, now you’d like to show it’s prices from the many merchants selling it on the web – well worry ye not! Here’s a guide on how to do it:

First off, create a unit, and add all the merchants to it who are selling your item. For products with a model number, it’s usually best just to search for that. You may need to differ the search query if not all the merchants come up first – see our guide to finding the products you want.

Once you have them all in, click on customise unit.

On the UNIT ADMIN tab
Check that ‘Order By’ is set by Price
Choose/set a Buy Now button if you wish to show one

On the UNIT SIZE tab
Select Vertical Layout
Change the number of rows and columns to the desired shape for the number of merchants included in the unit

On the CONTENTS tab
Deselect all options apart from Price and Merchant Logo
Change Unit Alignment to ‘Center’

Change any setting you require on this tab for example remove the border or show a title for the unit, if you wish

Click on Save/update button and that’s it

If you have a number of units to make, then I would recommend that you save this layout as a template. To do this, return to the UNIT ADMIN tab, and click on ‘Templates’.

Put a name in the box for the template (like Price Comparison)

Click Save

To use this template on the next unit, create the unit, then return to the template options, use the drop down to select the template, and click on ‘Apply to Unit’ button. All the settings should now be loaded.

Double check the appearance of the unit in case you have more or less merchants this time around, and that’s it.

For some inspiration about what can be achieved, take a look at how others are using ECU for Price comparison

If you would like a guide on how to do something else with Easy Content Units, please let us know below or in a support ticket.

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UK Vibration Plates October 19, 2009 at 9:12 am

You can see our example of Easy Content Units for product price comparison here: Power Plate My3.

Great work guys from easycontentunits.


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