How To Create Your Own Last Order Dates Unit

by Jason on November 10, 2009

We have recently launched our own Last Order Dates content unit which we have made available to affiliates to use on their sites. We are updating this unit with new dates as we get them, as well as removing listings as time passes.

If however you would like to feature your own list of merchants, I thought it would be handy to show you how we did it (creating your own Last Order Dates units are available for Pro Members Only):

Before I do, please ask us if you would like us to drop a copy of our unit into your account, so that you can edit the merchants featured, save making one from scratch. This service is for Pro Members only

First you’ll need to create a new ‘Search based’ unit. Pop in a name for the unit, ensure the ‘Search’ is selected and click on continue.


On the search page, click on the link marked ‘Add Merchants (non product)’


This will open up a merchant selection page. Simply tick all the merchants you’d like to feature in this unit.


Click the ‘Add Merchants’ Button at the bottom of the page when you have selected all the merchants you would like to feature. Don’t worry you can come back later and add/remove merchants from the unit if you wish.

Next onto editing the merchant details. To achieve the Last Orders Unit, we changed the Product Title to the date, and the Product Description to the type of delivery (you can add further information here if you like such as price of delivery/expected delivery time etc). You will also need to ensure the deeplink is correct and has your affiliate ID in it.

I have edited the details for Flying Flowers, but not for Interflora

I have edited the details for Flying Flowers, but not for Interflora

Once you have edited all the merchants that you added, then it’s back to the styling page, via the ‘Customise Unit’ link at the top of the page. You can style the unit any way you like. Make sure you only show the information you need like merchant logo, product name and description. You’ll not need price in this instance. You could show a ‘Shop Now’ call to action if you’d like.

Once you have finished styling, that’s it the unit is ready for your site.

You can add/remove merchants any time, by following the Add/Remove Merchant’ Button on the Unit Edit Page. Once you save the changes, they show live in your unit.

Good luck! If you’d like us to create a last order unit for any vertical, please ask, and we’ll manage it too!


rajesh November 20, 2009 at 2:06 pm

is there a way to create dynamic keywords/products?

Jason November 23, 2009 at 11:41 am

Hi Rajesh, what are you aiming to achieve? Pro has various features for you to add dynamic keywords to random units, is this what you mean?

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