How Many Products Should I Add?

by Jason on January 19, 2010

A frequent question among the niche site owners is ‘how many products should I add to a unit?’ Of course for many this can be dependent on the number of product available, however for home pages, you might think that you should show all the available products from all the merchants. Well this is one way to do it, and with our paginated units, this can be easily achieved, however stop and think about it for a moment.

As a visitor to a website, how many show all their products on the home page? If they did, would you wade through them? How many pages do you think a visitor may go through before getting bored and give up on your site?

The same can be said for search results, most people never stray too far from page one, and very few will go through to page 3 before trying a different search, same is said for shoppers I would say.

Better for your niche site home page is a selection of best selling products, and a clear navigation for visitors to drill down to the actual product they are after. The home page is the one which most people will stop on for (at best) a minute or so before hitting the back button, or if you hook them in, a link on your navigation menu.

So back to the original question, I would say that between 5/10 top sellers would be a good number. Along with your text and navigation this should give your users a good feel for your site, and provide them the choices.

You could then look to divide your navigation by a number of means, popular are by price/colour/brand/size/model numbers, this is very dependent on your chosen niche, and lets not forget you could split up the pages by more than one variable.

Like the home page, the category pages will benefit from a best selling bunch of products rather than the whole lot, with links to the individual product pages. I would however increase the number of products to say 15/20 for these pages. This shows more choice and that you have a wider range of products available.

Finally on the individual product pages, the favoured option is to provide some price comparison for the item, and another unit with ‘related’ or ‘accessories’ type products in it (again limited to say 5 products). The price comparison unit, will have as many products’ as there are merchants selling it, which is fine, you could also choose to include one or more merchants who should be selling it in there as well, to show you have covered the entire sector.

To see how others are using ECU on their Niche sites, check out our Showcase.


When adding lots of products, you are calling a flat html page from our server which contains the code to collect the associated images from all the merchant’s sites.  This can affect the load time of the page, just as if you were calling them yourself.

If you have any further questions about the number of products showing in the units, please ask away below or on a support ticket.

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