New feature: Add your own Products to Units

by Jason on January 22, 2010

First of all we added a feature to enable you to add your own merchants to price comparison units, now we have extended this to allow you to add your own products to units.  You will now find a new option on the ‘Add Merchant’  page which enables you to specify your own image for ‘merchants’ that you add.  By putting in a product image, and changing the Title, Description, link and price you have in fact added a new product to the unit.  The image below shows the new option on the page:

Remember you can change all of the values in the boxes in the image, to create your product.  Make sure you add your network affiliate deeplink in the ‘URL’ box, so that clicks are tracked to you.

This new feature is good for adding products from independent programs to your units, which would otherwise not be able to be included in your Easy Content Units.  The only draw back is that you will need to manually monitor pricing etc, but not to fear, the other products will continue to update from the datafeeds.

Our thanks for those of you who suggested this idea!

If any of you have any other ideas for ECU, please let us know here, or on a support ticket.

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Neil F January 25, 2010 at 6:49 pm

Great idea! Thanks.

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