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by Jason on February 15, 2010

One of the common complaints we hear about merchants who feature in the content units, or more importantly don’t is down to their images in they provide through the datafeeds. Unfortunately there’s no standard image required for the feeds, not even at a network level, so each merchant provides one of their images. This leads to a bunch of mismatched images appearing in our content units, not great.

So we have looked at various ways to tackle this problem and come up with – Add Your Own Image

So on a product by product basis you can choose to use the image supplied by the datafeed, or specify your own image to use instead. Of course this can be any size/shape/quality you want, so if a merchant has a poor image which doesn’t look great appearing with products from other images you can now overcome it.

edit product description link

Click on the 'Edit Product Description' link, found on the Customise Unit page.

The interface for choosing the image can be found by clicking on the ‘Edit Product Descriptions‘ link on the edit unit page. Where, as well as being able to change the description, you can now specify an alternative image.

Edit Product Descriptions

Specify the url to image in the Custom Image box, as well as change the description if required

Update: We have now added the ability to resize individual product images within the units, so if this is a way of making things look good, then great.

Have fun!

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