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by Jason on March 10, 2011

As I alluded to in the last post, we spent the weekend in Leeds, for the Thinkvisibility conference. As a lot of our members are not able to attend conferences, I thought it would be a good idea to post a resource which could point you in the direction of all the juicy bits. Before I do, I have to thank Dom and his team for an excellently organised, thoroughly enjoyable, exceedingly educating conference – so thanks.  John has added his thanks and review on his blog over at Lammo, if you would like to know what we got from it ourselves.

This resource guide will point to you various blogs which have covered the main takeaways from each of the sessions on offer you could also checkout the new Social Enhancer tool (refine the results by session is really cool) which recorded all the Tweets from the Conference, so here goes:

Self Promotion for Geeks: Let’s Look at Attracting an Audience For Our Projects
with Peter Cooper

Lets talk about Links, Baby
with Paddy Moogan

Mind Games: Using Brainwashing, Psychology and Cults to Boost Your Conversion Rate
with Stephen Pavlovich

Why Pay-Per-Click is Crucial to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy – 10 Major Tricks you might be missing
with Jackie Hole

Adventures in oursourcing
with Paul Madden

Performance Marketing? It’s a Piece of Cake – Getting the ingredients right for success.
with Tina Judic

Twitchhiker – sharing, not selling
with Paul Smith

Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO
with Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO

One Domain, One Hundred Days, One Result
with Gary Taylor

KPIs, Data, Reporting and Communication. Stop Pandering to Others, Start Maximising your Relationships.
with Annabel Hodges

Dave’s Den
with Dave Naylor

There is of course a wealth of personal and company blogs talking about their time at Thinkvisibility 5, here are some of them:

If you are in a position to attend any conference this year, then the next Think Visibility is the one for you.  It’s on a Saturday, it’s £125 and it’s full of fantastic speakers who do share their knowledge and not their sales pitch.  The attendees are all ultra friendly (as you will read from the blogs above) and of course we will be there too.

Next Think Visibility is on Saturday 3rd September 2011

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