Demo Units

Below is a selection of Demo Units we have created to show off some of the capabilities of Easy Content Units.  To see how some affiliates are using ECU, check out our Show Case, for merchant examples check out this one for Pine Solutions or our Managed Units page.

The Apprentice – a unit to show some products available based on the television show.

Buy a Gift Fathers Day – to help with affiliates promotion of Buy a Gift’s Fathers Day Promotion this unit was created and made available to affiliates to use on their sites.  This was picked up by 4 affiliates who achieved a impression to click ratio of 20%.

Following on from that success we made one for Virgin Experience Days Father’s Day.  This unit generated nearly 3000 impressions and over 100 clicks – this on a 20% impression share.

CD Wow New Releases – we created this merchant managed unit to show a possible use for ECU.  Creating the unit took 10 minutes, and updating a little less.

Devon Cliffs from Haven – Here’s a video content unit, which features one of the Haven Holiday parks promo video and a selection of updated offers available for that park.  There’s also a place in the unit to offer a marketing message like free child places/discount code or other such message.

The marketing message you can see on the Blue Chip Vacations unit for Newquay.   As you can see the merchant can put in their marketing message within their unit, which they have total control over. announced a promotion around the new Star Trek movie, which spawned us to create this video content unit for affiliates to use.

Product specific units are great especially with video and price comparison, below you can see two examples for different Wii Games:

Wii Sports Resort

G1 Jockey 2008

Easy Content Units are also great for displaying ranges of products available at individual merchants or multiple merchants alike.

Floral Dresses – here’s the range of floral dresses available from Dorothy Perkins

Conservatory Heaters – from a question on the A4U Forum about which merchants sold patio heaters, a quick search on ECU revealed these merchants, and made a tidy content unit.

Top 5 DVDs – by manipulating the description field and sorting by it, we came up with this list of top 5 DVDs available at

Another use of Easy Content Units could be to add monetisation to video/content pages.  In the V Festival example, we can see a video taken from last years festival, with a selection of tickets available for this years V Festival.