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With all the good things being said about Easy Content Units, we thought it would be a good idea to share them on this page.

First Review of 2010 by Sam Sinton – Sam reviews Easy Content Units, and gives his readers his opinion of our tool.

Affiliate Window covers our 1st Birthday Anniversary – In an interview with John Lamerton, Affiliate Window seek to find out the ins and outs of Easy Content Units.

3 Webmaster Tools You Don’t Use (But Should) – A post offering up some tools for affiliates, of which we were recommended. Quality Nonsense is a blog from a top affiliate who is into paid search and consulting – Richard Kershaw @QualityNonsense.

Commission Made Easy – A post by Ray Theakston after making his first sale through an ECU he put on his Discount Code site.  The content unit he added was ‘way below’ the fold, after all his usual discount code content, as a trial replacement for adsense.  Whilst he thought the design could be improved, the basic look evidently ‘did the job’.

Affiliate Stores – Has a good review of ECU showing some positives and negatives, written not long after our launch:

-ve – Only UK Merchant Networks presently supported (I expect that will change over time)
+ve – It is Free to use (your aff ids will be served 80% of the time and easycontentunit’s the other 20%) in a revenue share type arrangement. I expect paid for versions to come along in due course.
-ve – Not all merchants are immediately available at present
+ve – So far, I have found support to be fast, with a merchant added within 20 minutes of requesting it.
-ve – Presently served up as Javascript, so not very SEO Friendly … but there may be more friendly option coming soon.
+ve +ve +VE!! – Very, very customisable for different layouts. This tool ROCKS!!

EYMedia – Created a Mother’s Day Gifts site and integrated ECU’s into it.  ‘…We have put together a Mother’s Day Gifts web site to help with choosing just what to buy. It’s the first live site we’ve done with the excellent Easy Content Units – you really should give them a try, they are an excellent way of quickly adding products to a web site.’

Keith Bond – Created an ECU plugin for WordPress, to make it really easy to add ECU to a blog.  ‘… if you haven’t already signed up and had a play with them I suggest you do so now as they are awesome.’

An Interview with Jason Brockman – A CJ interview to find out a little more about ECU and Jason’s view of Affiliate Marketing.

Matt Bailey – Wrote a review on Easy Content Units ‘…The process was remarkably easy and I was amazed by the amount of stuff that is customisable on the content unit.’  ‘The coverage is superb, with 11 networks supported (only OMG are significant in their absence) and most of the merchants on those networks are featured…’.  However he thought ECU could do with a facelift… oh well! – Thanks to Ash for highlighting ECU to his members, ‘…I’ve been using these on a couple of sites, and the results are pretty good.’  Amongst his sites are

Affiliates 4 U – there’s a thread introducing ECU where you’ll find lots of lovely kind words that affiliates have written about Easy Content Units.

If you find comments about Easy Content Units on your travels, feel free to list them below and I’ll get them added.

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