Known Issues

Issues with System:

We’re building some new indexes which has meant we have switched off the front of site. This is so that we can improve the product search with in ECU. Service will be restored as soon as we can.

Your units are showing, with direct affiliate links in them

Current Issues with feeds

The following merchants are experiencing problems with their feeds:

  • Windsmoor via AffWin – no images since their site upgrade
  • Planet via AffWin – no images since their site upgrade
  • Uniqlo via Linkshare – no images since their site upgrade – hoping to fix Q1 2011
  • Shot Dead in the Head via AffWin – deeplinks go to error page – since March
  • Trueshopping via Linkshare – Links not working – takes you to homepage – Since June
  • Yukka via AF – Links not working – 404 page – Since July

The networks are aware, we would recommend that you use the ‘Hide‘ feature on the My merchants page to remove these merchants from your units temporarily.

If you are aware of any other problems we’re not reporting, please contact us.

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