Easy Content Units – The Guide

I will be writing a number of guides to help affiliates get the most out of our new Easy Content Units tool that we’ve delivered.

For those of you who haven’t taken a look at our new affiliate tool, carry on reading for a simplified explanation, then once you’re ready to check it out for yourself visit www.easycontentunits.com to start creating your units.

So, what is Easy Content Units

Really simply it’s a tool where you can select products, and build a unit for you to display on your website. All the products are already deeplinked using your affiliate code straight through to the merchant.

You do not need any technical know how to use Easy Content Units, just search through our products, tick the products you want to show and save the unit, you’ll be given the code to copy and paste onto your web page.

The units are fully customisable from colours/style to number of products and layout of the products. You can add titles, high light the best price and have a border of your choice. You can even save the style for use on your next content unit.

Once you have the code and have published it, you can sit back and relax, the prices and availability is updated automatically. If the product should go out of stock it’s removed from the content unit and an email is sent to let you know.

OK how do I get paid?

This again is easy, you are paid direct by the networks as we put your affiliate ID into the deeplinks, this means that you do not have to invoice us and wait for us to pay you. Of course you have to make sure you’re signed up to the merchants you add to the units, but we have a tool built in to let you know if you’re not – all good!

Why not have a go at putting together an Easy COntent Unit, these are the results from our first group of testers:

Beach Clothing – thanks Keith for building a new site with our Easy Content Units

Multi Games Tables – thanks Elaine, this content unit took just 10 minutes to put together with all those Games Tables!

Cloggs Voucher codes – a great implementation for discount code affiliates, helping them to add value to their sites

My next guide will be a step by step on how to get your first content unit built.