Creating your first unit

We have now updated this post – read about the new Create a Unit Wizard

Once logged in, the front page has a news box at the top, which is updated with annoucements which should be of interest to you.

Next up is Create a Unit

Well this is what we want to do, in fact we’ll make a unit showing the merchants selling Dark Night on DVD.

So we’ll put in Dark Night as the title of the content unit.  Don’t worry if you want to change your mind, we can do that later.

Next page is the search page, there’s a search box, and two options – exaact match and broad match.  To find a specific product, exact match is the one to choose for a little broader searching, use Braod Match.  You can also use ‘-‘ to filter out any words from the search results.

So lets do an exact search for The Dark Knight

146 results from all the merchants listed

We can now see some filtering out using the Filter boxes. You can filter by merchant or by network.  You can also select merchants to exclude from the results.

The results them selves have a tick box (to choose them for the unit) the image (which can be clicked on to get full image should you need it for your page).  The title and an extract of the description, plus the merchant logo and network they are with.

If you click on any merchant logo, it’ll take you to a page with all their products, for those of you who would like to see more of the merchants products.

I will choose a few of the 2 disc special edition DVDs of the Dark Knight for use in my content unit.  Remember to click on Add Selected Products to Unit.  you’ll see a list of products chosen at the top of the page now.

You can continue o choose products over the pages, or in fact start a new search, it doesn’t matter, the products are stored ready for you to customise the unit.

When you have the products you need, click on Customise Unit

Click on save/update preview button to get the code needed for your web page.

The next guide will take you through customising the unit.