Joining Easy Content Units

Well one thing that’s been asked for is a step by step guide for newbie affiliates to be able to get started with Easy Content Units.  So here goes.


Click on Join for free

You’ll be then taken to a page where you need to register for the service.  Registration is free, and your details are only used for the administration of Easy Content Units.

Username – this can be anything you want, it forms the basis of your log in.

Password – At least 6 characters, but again your choice.  Re-enter to make sure the password is correct for you.

Email: Please enter a working email address, it’s where we send you information about your content units, such as when they need changing. Also replies to your support tickets are also sent via your email address.

Then it’s your name.

The bottom section relates to your affiliate ID’s for each of the supported networks.  Your details are not entered over a secure server, as we only ask for your affiliate IDs, not your passwords or other logins – in most cases this is information that is publicly available anyway (it’s in your affiliate links), and cannot be used to indentify your affiliate account by anyone other than the networks.

Pay careful attention when entering these, as some networks need different IDs.  If you need help to find the correct ID, click on the network name and you’ll see instructions.

You don’t have to enter an ID for every network, just the ones you work with.  Of course you can join any of the other networks and add their details when you want.  

Tick the box, and hit submit, and that’s you signed up.

Next up is a guide to creating your first content unit.