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Since launching Easy Content Units we have had many requests for affiliates to pay a flat fee to use our service than the current revenue share model.  Well I’m pleased to announce that our Affiliate Pro version is now available.  We have not only included the removal of the 80/20 split, but we have decided to add more value by including some nifty features.

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Affiliate Pro Features:
Remove the 80/20 revenue share – now your links will show 100% of the time, on each impression.

PHP code output – The Free version of ECU only offers Javascript which is not read by the search engines, Pro users will be able to select the PHP code, which means that all the contents of the ECU can be read by the search engines.  Although we would recommend using this feature with caution (to save from duplicate content issues) it has been something that has been requested.

Branding Opportunity – Pro users will be able to add a header and/or a footer image to each ECU – great for branding or providing additional messages.

Advanced Reporting – Our basic stats are great for some, however Pro Users will have access to a number of advanced reporting features like being able to select a date range and more impression/click data too.

New Features Added since launch:

newDeep linking made Easy – now you can get network deep links and image URLs without creating a content unit. No more trawling through the merchants sites, logging into networks and building your links, we do it all for you from the search page.

RSS feed output – now you can put your units on your site with our RSS output code.

Callback URL – for the purposes of collecting statistical information, you can now specify a call back url for your units, which can report back on various aspects of your units.  You can even plug it into Google Analytics and other stats packages.

Custom Descriptions – You can now edit/create your own descriptions for the products you add to your content units, should you wish.

Add your own merchants – it’s now possible to add your own products/merchants/independent programs, just let us know who you’d like to add and we’ll add support for the program

newIntegrate with Google Analytics – follow the instructions on the page to get advanced reporting on products/clicks/adwords/landing pages and more.

newReWrite your URLs – by default the urls displayed for the products are our links. Use this script to rewrite them so they look like your URLs. Thanks to Bob DeVeaux from InsightUK for this little gem.

newMore Text on the units – you can add text to the top of the unit, and to the bottom, enabling you to add all the content for the page into your ECU.

newAdd your own products to units – for those of you who use independent programs, you can now add your own products to units, great for inclusion in price comparison units.

newUse an Alternative Image – one of the problems with datafeeds, is the set images provided by merchants, these are not standardised and can make your units look messy, now you can use your own images for individual products.

We have lots more Pro features up our sleeves as well as a number of new developments for affiliates, merchants and networks using Easy Content Units.  If there’s something you’d like to see, please send in a support ticket and we’ll do our best to include them in future developments.

Affiliate Pro costs just £19.99+vat per month, and includes all the above features, our highly-praised customer service support, and all new upgrades, features and tools that will be built into ECU Pro.

To activate your Affiliate Pro account and start using the new features, simply enter your existing ECU username (click here to get one if you haven’t already got one) and click subscribe below to set up your subscription.

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Is  Affiliate Pro right for YOU?
If you’re likely to earn more than £100 a month in affiliate commissions, then YES!
If you want your content units to be read by the search engines, then YES!
If you want to add your own sites’ branding to the content units, then YES!
If you want more detailed stats information, then YES!

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