Getting Started

Welcome to Easy Content Units, this page will introduce you to ECU and how to make your first unit.  ECU is a tool enabling you to choose products to show on your site, which when clicked on will take the visitor to the product on the merchant’s site.

All the links are tracked through an affiliate network, and any sales will earn a commission paid by them.  We maintain the links/availablility and pricing of all products featured in the units.

You will need to have joined the network (use the links on the left) and be accepted by the merchant for your links to work.

What is Easy Content Units useful for?

To see how others are using ECU, please visit our showcase page.  The use of ECU falls into three main areas:

  • Price Comparison
  • To show related products
  • To act as the product catalogue

You can create two types of unit.  Pre-populated units based upon keyword/merchant/brand or category, these we call Random Units and have a written a how to create a random unit post for you, and for using more than one merchant there’s our Random Unit Extended post.

Or Search Based Units, which you choose specific products/merchants to display in the unit.  Search based units are used to present certain products in the unit, and are ideal for Price Comparison, there’s a guide on how to use ECU for Price Comparison for you to read, along with details of a new layout ideal for Price Comparison.

If you have any problems or questions, we are here to help, please leave a comment below or contact us.