Easy Content Units for Merchants – An Overview

Easy Content Units is an affiliate tool which enables the less tech savvy to utilise your product data feeds to present your products to their site visitors in the form of product content units.

A few stats for you:

ECU has over 3500 affiliates using our service, who have created over 125000 units, of these, 92000 are producing impressions and clicks.

Our units were shown over 2 million times last month, sending just over 320000 visitors to merchants, an impression to click ratio of 20%.

How it works

We take every merchant’s product data feed into our system, clean it and integrate it with our platform. Affiliates then create a unit of products they would like to show, by searching for them, and adding them to a content unit.

They are able to customise the unit, so it fits in with their site’s look and style, and then add it to their page by pasting a bit of code where they would like the unit to be displayed.

The links which the visitor clicks on our ecu links which redirect through our system to the deeplinks provided in the data feed. We insert the affiliate’s own ID into the links, so all tracking and sales are attributed directly to their affiliate account. With this in mind, only your approved affiliates can add your products to their units.


We provide this service free of charge to merchants, so there is no outlay to you to be included in our service. As this service provides a valuable service to affiliates, we look to them to pay for using our content units. We have two models, a Free and a Pro plan.

The free plan relies on a share model, where every 5 times a unit is called, one will contain our affiliate ID. The Pro plan costs the affiliate £19.99 per month, and provides no share along with a host of advanced features.


We designed ECU to be very accomodating to merchant data feeds, knowing that they may be available in different formats with various fields and information. We did create a presentation which helps you to provide a feed which enables us to make the most of your feed:

ECU Merchant Solutions

Our Merchant Managed Unit feature is a way for merchants to provide their affiliates with a content unit offering selected products. Merchants create a unit, and choose products to include, most commonly this is their best selling products. Once created, the unit can be made available to their affiliates, so that they can add them to their account, customise them, and add them to their sites. The merchant then updates the unit regularly with the latest products for the affiliate, allowing them to put up and forget about them. As soon as the unit is updated, all affiliate’s sites using the unit is updated too.

Follow the link to find out more about Merchant Managed Units.