Managed Units

As a merchant we have now provided you with the ability to control your products and brand that is appearing on your affiliates websites, whilst providing your affiliates with a top performing piece of creative. The Merchant Managed Units (how to guide) allows you to offer your affiliates a content unit which shows your best sellers, latest products or best offers. The affiliate chooses your unit, styles it and places it on their site. Any changes you then make to the Managed Unit updates instantly on the affiliates site.

The Key Benefits for merchants are:

  • You control what products are shown on affiliates’ websites – If you become aware of a hot selling item, you can instantly add that product to all affiliate websites that are using your managed units. Similarly, if a hot product goes out of stock, you can replace that product in seconds, and every single affiliate is no longer sending traffic to a wasted product link!
  • You retain control of your brand – Although affiliates are able to fully customise the look and feel of the units, they cannot alter the products themselves, or the brand messages you place on the units. If you wish to give out a discount code on a unit, you can ensure that it is instantly removed from all affiliates sites the moment it expires, or re-enforce sale dates, last posting dates, etc. No more chasing affiliates to remove out-of-date creative or voucher codes!
  • Recruit new affiliates, and inspire your existing ones – We will promote your Managed Units to our 4000+ affiliates, who all use Easy Content Units across thousands of affiliate websites, meaning you’ll be featured on content sites such as these, as well as being integrated into your existing affiliates websites. Affiliates love “put up and forget” creative, and these Managed Units certainly fit the bill – average clickthrough ratios for ECU units are an Industry-busting 10%, as adding up-to-date, highly relevant content units to ffiliates sites increase clickthroughs, and conversions – which mean more sales for you!

    So how much does all this cost?

    Self Service: We’ll set you up a Merchant Account for free, where you can set up and manage the units yourself. Contact us to get going!

    Agencies, networks etc: Please contact us for a custom quote if you are looking to introduce more than 5 merchants to Easy Content Units.