Easy Content Units have been widely accepted by the affiliates and merchants which use our system.  Creativity seems to be the only barrier to what Easy Content Units can do for your sites, so with this Showcase page we’d like to give you some real life examples on how others are using ECU.  Check out the following pages or read on for our latest additions:

Each webmaster have given their permission for us to publish their sites with the understanding that the information here and gleaned from their sites is to be used to help you with your ideas – please don’t copy them, instead use them as a guide for the possibilities for your sites.

New! Video Units – Here’s a growing list of examples of affiliate sites utilising the video function built into ECU:

3.1 Phillip Lim collection – With it’s great new design, Fashion Style You is integrating even more Video Units, with this video showing 3.1 Phillip Lim Collection on the catwalk, and a selection of the clothes showcased in the video – fantastic!

Introducing– A great use of ECU showing a merchant promo video for Boo Hoo, complete with a selection of their products, looking really good!

Inspired by Smingle:
The A4U forum has had a post entitled “help and advice for newbies and people who need a kick up the backside in 2009” which was started by Smingle to provide new affiliates ideas and inspiration to start up their first websites.  Easy Content Units fit in exactly with Smingle’s advice, some of the sites that have been made from this thread can be found on our Niche Site Examples page.

Latest Examples of Affiliate Sites:

Wireless Burgular Alarms – It is a comparison/review site for wireless burglar alarms written by an ex crime prevention police officer.

Search for Gifts – a directory and product catalogue of gifts and experiences using ECU to power the product listings on each page.

Wish List Toys – this wordpress based site is a good example of how you can add ECU based price comparison units to posts. The site also makes good use of the option to display custom buttons for both in stock and out of stock products.

Electric Toothbrushes – this site makes use of ECU to power their ‘product catalogue’ of Electric Toothbrushes.  As well as a site wide unit to show off their top selling electric toothbrushes too.

Patio Sets – Using ECU to show off the range of Patio Sets and other garden furniture that’s available at online retailers.  In the same vein you can also check out Bistro Sets and Garden Tables

Baby Bath Seat – To see the full range of baby bath seats available, the Easy Content Units show them off lovely.

Square Coffee Table – Again a product range type of ECU which offers their visitors to view the range of Square Coffee Tables available.

Air Hockey Table – there’s a whole load of air hockey tables available online, the use of ECU on this site, helps to show them all off.

I Love Scuba Diving – a niche site about Scuba Diving, utilises ECUs to display a range of products available for various aspects of Scuba Diving from equipment to PADI coursebooks.

Respirators – boasts to be the one stop shop for respirators, dust masks and surgical masks, and by using ECUs, they can effectively show off the products available from many merchants.

If you are using Easy Content Units and are happy for us to add you to this page, let us know on a support ticket or add a comment below:

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Samsung NC20 Review May 1, 2009 at 7:26 pm

ECU in action on this Samsung NC20 review page.

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