Niche Site Examples

One of the applications of Easy Content Units are with in Niche Sites. There was a huge thread to inspire newbies to get started with their affiliate marketing efforts, some of the examples below are a product of this thread:

Wood Chipper – a niche site using ECU to power the catalogue of Wood Chippers available from lots of merchants across many networks.

Wooden Dolls Houses – ECU is used to good effect to show off the range of Wooden Dolls Houses available online.  Particularly like the use of the price filters to navigate customers to the affordable products.  Other similar sites include: Wooden Train Sets and Wooden Rocking Horse

MPro 110 Pocket Projector – Here is a page from a site about Pocket Projectors, the MPro110.  ECU is deplyed throughout the site to offer price comparison on the various models of Pocket Projectors available.

Gladiator Sandals – Gladiator Sandals have pages after pages of ECUs which provide the catalogue for this site. Whether you are looking for Gladiator Sandals by store, or by price the easy navigation will ensure you find what you’re looking for.

Pop Up Tents – A great looking site which utilises ECU’s to display a product catalogue on each page of content.

False Eyelashes – This site uses ECU to provide a product catalogue to the pages about False Eyelashes.

Freeview Recorders – Nice site featuring reviews for Freeview Recorders which use ECU to drive the price comparison component of the pages.

Ice Skates – a nice looking site all about Ice Skates, using ‘showcase’ type ECUs to provide the catalogue of available ice skates from online stores.

Chopping Boards – A whole site about Chopping Boards, you’d be surprised how many different sorts of Chopping Boards are available.  Integrated nicely with ECUs, you can find examples of paginated units which feature entire ranges and skyscraper showcase style content units.

Beach Clothing – You will see ECU’s integrated to provide this site with it’s product catalogue.  These are using the search facility to provide the exact items wanted to feature in the various categories found on the Beach Clothing site.

Blu-Ray Recorder – This site uses the price comparison ability of ECU on a variety of pages about Blu-Ray Recorders and associated products.

Pine Furniture – This site makes great use of the ECU’s ability to present a showcase of products for each category of pine furniture.

Hot Water Bottles – you wouldn’t think that there was so many different hot water bottles available on the internet, well there are, and here’s a site using ECU’s to prove it!

Slow Cooker – following on beautifully from Smingle’s post here’s a niche site about Slow Cookers whihc uses ECU to provide price comparison for the slow cookers available on the site.

Desk Fan – Using ECUs to showcase the different types of desk fans available.

Worktop Savers – Along the lines of the Chopping Board site, this site utilises paginated ECUs to show case the products in their respective categories.

Label Printer – As well as ECUs making up the product catalogue for this site about Label Printers, they are also deployed to great effect to display the best selling Label Printers too.  A great idea for the homepage.

Windscreen Wipers – There are various range/price comparison ECU’s featured on this site about Windscreen Wipers.

Cake Tins – A site about Cake Tins, pages and pages of content about cake tins and related products, should really pull in some long tail searches, oh and uses ECU to display the products – fab!

8ft Trampoline with Enclosure – Trampolines have been taking off in a big way over the last couple of years, and this year is no exception, this site uses ECUs to showcase the range of trampolines available, mixed up nicely with other content from different providers.

Condenser Tumble Dryers – Another niche focussed website about tumble dryers.

Wireless Adapter – Plenty of product reviews can be seen on this site, with good use of ECU’s for Price Comparison for the Wireless Adaptors being reviewed.

Batwing Tops – A really niche site covering a style of women’s tops.  Using ECU to display product ranges from a variety of merchants to great effect.  I didn’t realise that there were so many batwing tops available.