Product Range Examples

Another great use of Easy Content Units is to show off the range of products available, whether from a particular merchant, or from a selection of merchants.  Some affiliates are using the units to power their product catalogue, whilst some are using them to show off the range of ‘options’ available for products:

Personalised Champagne - Yours Personally uses ECU to allow customers to compare personalised gifts such as champagne, calendars, glasses, tankards, teddies etc. We display a “Featured Merchant” at the top of the page and then use ECU to show comparable products from other merchants in ascending price order.

Garden Gazebo – ECU’s are used within this site to provide the ranges of gazebos available to great effect and a great design.  The units are integrated along side lots of unique content which the search engines will love.

Mclaren Merchandise – A very nice looking site utilising ECUs to present the available merchandise for the racing teams.  Something for everyone who’s into the Mclaren GP team.

Prezzy Box Slankets – Great Price Vouchers are adding a ECU content unit to their pages which feature discount codes.  In this example, their page about a discount code to give £5 off a slanket has an ECU featuring the range of Slankets available at Prezzybox – increasing clicks and conversions.

Motel Clothing Discount Voucher – Utilising the Random ECUs (where you can select a merchant whose products you want to feature and the unit is filled automatically with their products) VouchersUK have created a page on their Motel Clothing Discount Voucher page showcasing some of Motel’s products.

The-Pier – An interesting topic for a website, all about piers around Britain.  ECU has been used within the ‘Shop’ category to display goods available for particular piers, Clacton is the first completed page, where you can see books/posters and more on Clacton Pier.

Bird Cam – You have got to love this site, it features video footage of nesting baby Blue Tits, the clever thing is the way they have added an ECU to show related products to Blue Tits from a variety of merchants.

Pink Headphones – Wowsers I didn’t realise there were so many Pink Headphones available. This site uses ECU to show off all the available Pink Headphones.